Barrier-Free Design

DesignINGenuity provides design expertise to accommodate the needs of people in their homes. Our team of selected trades people and skilled contractors will help you achieve a safe and accessible home through alterations and/or renovations. The end result will benefit you.

When we redesign a home we review it from top to bottom. For people in wheelchairs, we consider vertical reach and ergonomic comfort. This may involve lowering counter levels to provide workspace in the kitchen or ensuring there is space for a wheelchair to comfortably approach a vanity in the bathroom. Proper flooring is recommended to avoid slips and falls. If necessary, ramps and stairway mechanisms are installed and door openings are adjusted to make the home accessible to people with wheelchairs or walkers. Proper lighting is recommended to make the home safe and functional. All changes focus on designing a safe home that encourages the independence of the home-owner.

We provide recommendations and installation in the following areas:

  • Grab bars, and railings for both interior and exterior locations
  • Heated exterior ramps
  • Accessible bathrooms & kitchen cabinets
  • Remote control lighting
  • Slip resistant floor surfaces
  • Stair lifts, elevators
  • Widen your doors and hallways
  • Wheel-in showers / Walk in tubs

At DesignINGenuity, we are with you every step of the way. We provide:

  • space plans
  • project management including schedules and budgets
  • interior and exterior concept design including lighting and material selection
  • millwork design

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